So Kieu webgame revealed a mysterious teaser page

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Department of Kieu Story is one of the most popular romance movies of 2017, with the female lead being none other than the “goddess” Trieu Le Dinh. The fever of the Department of Kieu Story has not yet subsided, the 360game portal has “shocked” the community by a mysterious teaser page: only the image of So Kieu with the words “Coming soon”.
Not long ago, the fanpage So Kieu – 360game also quietly appeared and “teased” the first images related to this game.

Chu Qiao is webgame role-playing swordplay with bold love language, built based on the script of the Department of Kieu Truyen. This game shows the love of 3 character classes (2 male, 1 female) with many unexpected and attractive details.

It is expected that So Kieu will be the first webgame to be bombarded in 2018.
Update information about Department of Kieu at:

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