Identity V releases Update for 2 Hunters to hunt people at the same time

GameHubVn Identity V tung Update cho 2 Hunter di san nguoi cung luc20 - Emergenceingame

Identity DRAW Famous Game Mobile village thanks to an extremely unique gameplay formula. There, gamers will be divided into two sides, one is a small character with weak legs and soft hands.. the other is a ghostly creature with a crazy thirst for blood. As a result, Identity V delivers experiences of horror and suspense never before seen on Mobile.


But now with the new Update, Identity V also pushes the horror factor even further when offering the 2 Hunter game mode side by side. Yes exactly, now you will have to face 2 monsters instead of 1 like before… making the night in the game even more bloody.

In fact, this mode of Identity V is called Duo Hunters with a 2v8 format with twice the number of surviving characters than usual. More numbers will also mean a higher possibility of being “caught”, making the gameplay of the game even more stressful, which punctures the chest of so many people.


Along with that, the Update also brings a completely new Map as well as extremely special abilities for both Hunter and Survivor. There, both will have the ability to summon the owner of the ghost mansion to help them, use their advantage to fight the opposing side. Along with that, Hunter also appears a new character, Wu Chang, who carries 2 souls in the same body. This allows him to change and transform between the two beings to possess different abilities, making the Survivor faction extremely careful if he does not want to die.


Presently Identity DRAW has officially released this Update to the global version on both Android and iOS, allowing readers to enjoy new content right now.


GameHub download - Emergenceingame


GameHub download - Emergenceingame

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