PewDiePie unexpectedly married his girlfriend after 8 years of dating

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Recently, PewDiePie made many fans “break their hearts” more than ever when suddenly posting sweet wedding photos with a longtime girlfriend Marzia Bisognin on its Twitter page. It is known that PewDiePie’s wedding was held on August 19 with the participation of family and closest friends.


Just the day before (August 18), the guy also shared on his vlog that he would get married soon because he couldn’t wait any longer, then the very next day, the male Youtuber quietly held a wedding like here it is.

PewDiePie could not hide his overwhelming happiness on such a big day. He considers himself lucky to have married a woman like Marzia Bisognin as his wife.


“We’re married! I’m the happiest! I’m so lucky to live with this wonderful woman” – PewDiePie shared on Twitter.

PewDiePie real name is Felix Kjellberg (SN 1989), is a streamer, vlogger from Sweden. PewDiePie’s Youtube channel attracts thanks to his extremely funny gaming videos and comments, he is also considered the most famous gamer in the world. Currently PewDiePie owns a Youtube channel with more than 99.6 million followers. He once held the record as the most watched YouTuber in the world before being defeated by the Indian channel T Series. His videos play all kinds of games, from horror to comedy, from PC games to mobile games. It is estimated that the guy’s monthly income from Youtube is up to 20 billion VND.


PewDiePie’s fiancée full name is Marzia Bisognin (SN 1992) known by the nickname CutiePie or CutiePieMarzia is also a pretty famous person as a vlogger active in the field of fashion and beauty from Italy. She has now retired from her career as a vlogger.


So after 8 years of dating, this talented couple has finally officially returned to the same house with a perfect wedding. The fans couldn’t help but admire the enduring love as well as send their blessings to the couple.​

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