PUBG Mobile shakes hands with Mission Impossible Fallout to make a great event

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Mission Impossible Fallout – The latest movie of the series Mission Impossible with the presence of male actors Tom Cruise, was officially released worldwide. And immediately the film created a strong wave in the community of action movie enthusiasts thanks to its captivating setting and extremely forced dance moves.


And in the heat of this blockbuster, gamers will be surprised to know that PUBG Mobile – one of the hottest games today.. is having an Event in cooperation with Mission Impossible Fallout. Yes exactly, gamers who enter PUBG Mobile right now will see a lot of content related to this movie that is hitting the box office.


Specifically, PUBG Mobile will reward a few Mission Impossible Item for gamers that can be received right now.. Along with related gifts, challenges and tasks that you can Unlock gradually in the future. This combination comes right after Update 0.7, which has given gamers a multitude of new items or crates.


This event will definitely be an opportunity for you to further customize your character with unique items, bringing the atmosphere of Mission: Impossible right into PUBG Mobile. All information related to PUBG Mobile will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible. Readers can also join the PUBG/PUBG Mobile community directly here:​​

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