Teaching other players to cheat, male gamers have to pay a fine of up to 2 billion VND

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As you know, Japan is famous for strict protection of intellectual property rights, including in the game industry. However, that still did not stop many gamers despite the consequences blatantly challenging the developer. Recently, a gamer over 20 years old had to pay billions of dong for cheating, causing damage to the developer.​


The above gamer is a big fan of the title mobile games Werewolf Judgment developed by Sorairo. Possessing many rich characters and diverse gameplay, Werewolf Judgment is one of the games that are loved by many Japanese gamers. In the summer of 2018 while playing this game, for some reason, the male gamer’s account was banned, but he used another account to log in and play the game normally.

In Werewolf Judgment, once an account is banned, the player cannot play the game on that device even if he deletes the game and re-downloads it or registers a different account. However, it seems that this player has found a bug and is able to continue playing the game on the old device. It wouldn’t be a big deal if he didn’t openly share his “secret” on his blog and guide other players to follow.​


According to Sorairo, the return of the hackers after the account was locked caused the company to suffer a lot of losses, the specific damage was up to 80 million yen (nearly 18 billion dong), so the company sued this male gamer. , asking him to pay 10 million yen (2.2 billion VND). At the end of November, Sorairo’s claim was officially approved.​

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