Hien Vien Mobile officially announced the Alpha Test schedule

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Although NPH Gamota has been famous since the beginning of summer with the intention of creating one of the “hot” first half games for players on the occasion of summer 2019, it is not until these relatively cool early autumn days. The new Hien Vien Mobile has been officially confirmed with a specific release date and time, which is the Alpha Test phase first.


Hien Vien Mobile is an online role-playing game – MMORPG exploiting the theme of the first half. In the Chinese market, Xuan Vien Mobile is one of the most “popular” games in this country thanks to a deep storyline, beautiful graphics and, above all, a classic role-playing game. very interesting features.


Hien Vien Mobile is built on a splendid 3D graphics platform, all the materials used by the developer for this game are smooth and fully optimized for players. In particular, according to the disclosure from NPH Gamota, Hien Vien Mobile will follow Tru Tien 3D, Thien Long Kiem … to become the “national” first half games. That’s enough to believe that the graphics quality and gameplay of Hien Vien will not be inferior to his seniors.


After many days of waiting, finally, NPH Gamota also officially announced the launch schedule of this game, first of which is the Alpha Test phase. Specifically, Hien Vien Mobile will officially enter the testing phase of unlimited players, starting at 10am on August 23. The Alpha Test phase of Hien Vien Mobile will last 5 days, from August 23 to August 27 and will reset the character before entering the official opening in the near future. It is known that players will be able to receive extremely valuable gifts, up to 20 million VND when participating in the Hien Vien Mobile experience from August 23.


Currently, players can immediately register to pre-load Hien Vien Mobile so they don’t have to wait too long when the game launches on August 23. Because, with a capacity of 1.2gb, it can be seen that Hien Vien Mobile is not a light game and will definitely bring players one of the most splendid and majestic MMORPGs today.

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