Shocked at the sky-high price of Pokemon cards, enough to buy 720 PS5s

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As has been known for the past few years, the rare cards constantly increasing the price to dizzying and becoming an item that is sought after by players. Collectors do not regret spending billions of dong to add to their collection the most expensive cards. Recently in Japan there is a Pokemon Cards has just been sold at a sky-high price, making the online community admire.​


Pokemon cards were first released in 1996, over a 25-year history of existence and development, these cards have been translated into 13 languages ​​and released in many countries around the world. it’s a huge fan base spread across many different ages. Pokemon cards sold at “exorbitant prices” this time were published in 1998, this is a reward for owners of excellent works in the Pokemon card game illustration contest. It is known that there are only 39 such cards in the world, which further increases its rarity.

This card was once auctioned in 2019 for 21 million Japanese Yen (about 4.6 billion VND). However, just over a year later, its value has increased to 38 million Japanese yen (about 8.3 billion VND), nearly double the price of 2019, which is the same amount that the Canadian collector has to pay. pay to take this card home.​


With this money, gamers can buy up to 720 PS5, several apartments in Hanoi and just enough to buy a Lexus LX 570, so collecting rare cards is an expensive hobby. how poor.​

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