The new version of Plants vs Zombies is here?

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Electronic Arts has a string of successes on a global level with its franchise series Plants Vs Zombiesfrom the original strategy game version to 2 parts shooting game first view Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare (PvZ: GW). EA has never announced any plans for part 3 of PvZ: GW, but information about the game was unexpectedly revealed from the descriptions of the comic book content for Plants Vs Zombies sold on Amazon.


The story is expected to be released in September this year, with a description clearly stating: “Paul Tobin returns to pen the original comic book of the brand, the bridge between the two PvZ titles: GW2 and PvZ: GW3with visuals done by Tim Lattie”.


This is the first information about PvZ: GW3 that gamers have received since the title was mentioned at E3 2018, along with the introduction of Battlefield 2018 and the open world shooter Anthem. EA has yet to make any official announcements about PvZ: GW3.​

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