Part 3 hasn’t come out yet Marvel quickly made Avengers 4 right in Christmas

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Considered a key work in the 3rd phase of the cinematic universe Marvelso any news about the blockbuster Avengers 4 are also of great interest to the public. Especially after Marvel released the official trailer for the blockbuster Avengers 3: Infinity War In the near future, fans are more and more curious about the upcoming battle and the fate of their favorite superhero. Recently, two actors played Vision and Gamora in Avengers 4 released photos on his filming set on his personal instagram to satisfy fans’ expectations.


Although most other Hollywood stars are currently on hiatus from activities this Christmas, the Marvel stars are still working hard on the set in Atlanta for the blockbuster. Avengers 4. Actor Paul Bettany – who plays Vision in the film shared that he had to endure a lot to dress up as Vision. As Paul famously said, it’s like sitting inside a Gin and Tonic cocktail. But it’s not all bad, and Bettany also felt quite happy when a member of the filming crew was late for work and had to bring a hot dog suit to entertain everyone.


Instead, actress Zoe Saldana can feel Bettany’s pain while wearing makeup, but she has an even bigger problem. Because not only did her character Gamora have to fight to save the earth, but Saldana also had to struggle with the flu during filming. Avengers 4.


Fans who see these photos all leave encouraging comments, hoping that the actors can overcome their difficulties to successfully complete the movie that the global audience is looking forward to. However, there are also many humorous fans who say that they hope Vision and Gamora will also one day be late to the set, so that fans can see them in such adorable hot dog suits.

Avengers 3: Infinity War coming soon on April 25, 2018 and sequel Avengers 4 will also launch to a global audience on May 3, 2019.

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