Conqueror’s Blade – A tactical hybrid MMO that is both terrible and beautiful on Beta

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Conqueror’s Blade was first introduced at E3 2017 but in fact the game has been developed by Booming Games for 5 years. The game is played on PC, belongs to the open world war genre, takes the theme of the era medievalis expected to launch to the world market next year and is currently in Beta testing process.


From the very first day of its launch, Conqueror’s Blade was appreciated for its realistic reproduction of medieval civilizations, the display of classic weapons and the representation of large-scale warfare. Here gamers must join forces in an alliance to control the mighty army, conquer territories and win glory.



Conqueror’s Blade game trailer

Conqueror’s Blade towards the most realistic experience for gamers of medieval warfare, where they can command huge armies and also show off heroic melee moves. Booming Games uses exclusive CHAOS technology to ensure smooth visuals even when thousands of units appear on the screen at the same time. Besides the fire and explosion effects, the weather is depicted in the most realistic way, including lightning or sandstorm. CHAOS technology also ensures realism and detail for weapons and armor in the game.


Tactical in Conqueror’s Blade is the ultimate requirement because gamers have to choose to arrange a squad from a multitude of diverse options stretching from Asia to Europe, including many famous generals and thousands of specific weapons. Developer promises Conqueror’s Blade It will be an experience that no gamer has ever experienced.

Conqueror’s Blade game trailer​

Each battle spanned a vast area spanning thousands of kilometers, equivalent to many lands and kingdoms. Similar to the real world, the game also has many diverse terrains such as mountains, rivers, deserts, and residents. Gamers can upgrade, occupy land and prepare to defend them.
Battles range in size, from 5vs5 to 15vs15. Each commander is started with 4 or 4 skills and gradually learns to develop tactics.

There is currently no specific release date for Conqueror’s Blade.​

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