Paper Mario The Origami King 10 tips tutorials for beginners

Guide Paper Mario The Origami King nintendo switch

Paper Mario The Origami King has been released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch, and is available for purchase at nShop. The short Paper Mario The Origami King tutorial below will help newcomers quickly get acquainted with the game, and feel less difficult when I’m not familiar with this genre.. Let’s play games and have fun with nShop

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10 short Paper Mario The Origami King tutorials

Help from Olivia

Olivia tutorial Paper Mario The Origami King nintendo switch

Olivia is Mario’s new companion, and also eager to explore this vast paper world. You can press the X button at any time on your adventure and she will happily give you advice, suggestions for what to do or where to go next.

Watch out for odd paper folding

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See something a little out of place from the surroundings, or a little strange? Let’s try it with a hammer. Better to be mistaken than to leave it out, most of the time it will reveal that Toad was transformed by the Origami King. To thank you for freeing them, Toads will reward you with coins, useful items, or useful information.

Jump on your enemies!

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Surprise the Folded Soldier who is patrolling around by hitting them with a sledgehammer or jumping on them. This is a good way to start a match with some damage available to the enemy.

Armed with weapons

weapon guide Paper Mario The Origami King nintendo switch

Remember to equip the new shoes and hammers that you earn through the “Weapons” tab in the main menu. These weapons will be broken (damaged) through use, so always have a spare ready. However, don’t worry about encountering enemies without a weapon, your shoes and basic hammer never fail.

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Don’t forget items.

item tutorial Paper Mario The Origami King nintendo switch

Didn’t the match go as smoothly as you would like? Use some mushrooms to heal, or attack aids like Fire Flower, POW Block. The items help you a lot.

Visit your equipment store

Warehouse equipped guide Paper Mario The Origami King nintendo switch

During the journey, you also get many Accessories, which bring new powers when attaching them to the body. For example, increase HP (health point) or even get discounts when buying items in the shop. You can change your equipment under “Accessories” in the main menu. The amount of equipment to wear is limited, so choose carefully.

Time is money!

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Can’t find the optimal way to “line up” the enemy? Use the coins (coins) you have to buy more time, find solutions for the match. You will find these coins around the world in the game and add more when you win battles, so there is no need to be too reckless in using them.

Let the Toads cheer for you

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If you’re having trouble in the game, the Toad spectators can give you a hand. Spend money and they will pour it onto the field, helping you paralyze your enemies, giving you healing items, and sometimes even solving part of the puzzle of the game.

Go to Toad village often

toad town guide Paper Mario The Origami King nintendo switch

As you save more and more Toads, stop by Toad Town to shop in new shops and visit newly opened buildings. Development progress of Toad Town can be monitored through the announcements in the “Info” section.

Check out the Battle Lab

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In the Battle Lab in Toad Town, you can improve your attacks and defenses, complete special challenges, and even fight bosses you’ve defeated before. When the time is right, you can also get special machines from the Battle Lab, making the game easier to breathe, such as increasing the time to line up the enemy team …

Hopefully with this short Paper Mario The Origami King tutorial, you will play the game more happily and smoothly.

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