Instructions to install the game Call Dragon on your phone

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Call Dragon is a title action role-playing game is loved by many people today. This is a game built on the plot of the famous comic book series 7 Dragon Balls. Currently, this game is for players Use the test from March 17, 2021 to March 19, 2021 on Windows, Android, and iOS platforms.

Because the test is only available, we cannot download it on app stores like the App Store and Google Play. To help people download this interesting game to your phone, invite you to follow the article. instructions to install the game Call Dragon on your phone.

Instructions to download the game Call Dragon on Android

Download Call Dragon on Android

Step 1: To install this game on your phone, first click on the download button above.

Step 2: At the introduction of the game, press the button Download. Then we keep touching the button Download.

Click the Download button Click the Download button

Step 3: At this point, the screen will display the message “This file type can harm your device. Do you still want to keep?“, Press the button OK.

Step 4: The message window “Do you want to install this app“, Press the button Setting.

Step 5: Then, wait a while for the game to install to be completed.

Touch the OK button Click the Install buttonWait for the installation process

Step 6: Open the game Call Dragon On the phone up, then start playing this game.

Play the game Call Dragon

Instructions to install the game Call Dragon on iOS

Attention: To download this game we need to be available TestFlight application on the phone.

Download TestFlight on iOS

Step 1: First, click the download button below to access the download link of the game Call Dragon.

Download Call Dragon on iOS

Step 2: In the download link section of the game, tap the button Start Testing.

Step 3: When this screen will switch back to the TestFlight application on the phone, press the button Accept.

Click the Start Testing button Touch the Accept button

Step 4: Next, press the button Setting. Then wait for the game installation to your phone to be completed.

Step 5: Then touch the button Open and start playing the game Call Dragon.

Tap on the Install button Click the Open button

Wish you all success!

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