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Pagan Online – The Diablo-standard MMORPG of the father of World of Tanks officially released


Pagan Onlineaction RPG with a top-down view of Wargaming and Mad Head Gameshas officially launched, bringing the experience “hack-and-slash” impressive new on PC. After a few months in Early Access, Pagan Online has become one of the most exciting copy conquering titles thanks to its familiar top-down gameplay, cyclical PVE activity, Unique characters and co-op gameplay that challenges even the most seasoned players.Pagan Online is now available on Steam or Wargaming Store for $29.99 (About 700,000 VND).

Pagan Online launches August 28, with a massive amount of new content including new characters, regions, and features based on ideas directly taken from the player community. During Pagan Online’s Early Access, Mad Head Games and Wargaming closely followed player response to further develop and perfect the game. And this move will be maintained even after the game has launched!



Current updates and additions in Pagan Online include:

● New Stunning Content – Starting with two new characters, Hector and Eldan, Pagan Online launches with new content changes including new bosses, items, maps, regions and more details for all stages of the game.

● 60 Hours Campaign – A storyline inspired by Slavic myths, spans eight chapters and is now complete.

● Extensive Control Options – According to the needs of the majority of players, Pagan Online now supports click-to-move controls as well as gamepad support.

● Revamped system – Items and recipes dropped after defeating monsters will be balanced for more variety and value. The item crafting system has also been overhauled.

● New Skill Tree – Players can harness the power of the new skill tree, allowing them more freedom in choosing skills, building characters, and finding the right gameplay for themselves.



Readers can buy game keys here.​

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