No Man’s Sky “dead and alive” game supports up to 32 players to play at the same time

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In an interview with IGN, a representative of Hello Games, Sean Murray gave an explanation for the content in the No Man’s Sky: Beyond update. He discussed in detail the support of VR, the expansion of the multiplayer aspect and the purpose of the social space Nexus in the long term.

“It’s a great feeling to explore together,” says Murray. “So we started thinking about a bigger and more expansive online experience.”


The game has been turned into MMO, so meeting hundreds of players at once is unlikely. But the number of players No Man’s Sky: Beyond will be more than other online games of Hello Games.

To promote the multiplayer aspect, Hello Games created the Nexus social space. Murray compared the Nexus to the Tower of Destiny – the social hub of the future.

For different platforms, players can meet between 16 and 32 other people in the Nexus and out in the “wild” – including players on VR.


Nexus is more than just a social hub. Here, players can also visit various shops to upgrade their equipment, ships and weapons. There is also a multiplayer quest board. Accepting quests lets nearby players know you’ve started the quest and they can choose to join in.

These missions include bounty hunting, taking pictures, doing archaeological excavations, building bases and a few more.

There is still a lot of information about the Beyond update that hasn’t been covered in this article, so to learn more you can watch the video below.

No Man’s Sky: Beyond will release on August 14 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.​

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