Adidas officially signed a contract with the world’s biggest streamer

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Game and sport have always been two polar opposites. One is focused on processing in the virtual world while the other is more about physical activity. However with the formation and popularity of the concept Esports Over the years, these two extremes are gradually finding common ground, such as requiring competition and certain training from the “Player”. That’s why sports organizations or big clubs around the world are investing heavily in Esports, with typical names like Manchester United, AS Romaor not far away Paris Saint-Germain with Team LGD just won the Top 3 in the tournament Dota 2 The International 2019.

At the same time, big brands, especially sports brands, are also investing in advertising on big names in the Esports village. The deal Nike achieved earlier this year is an example when the big man of the sports village will have the right to produce jerseys for the tournament League of Legends of China next October.


Nike’s rival Adidas also did not sit still when it had just had the first game-related deal in history. Accordingly, the German sportswear group has just signed a successful contract with Ninja, Streamer considered the most famous in the world at the moment. This information comes shortly after Ninja parted with the platform Twitch to come to Mixer of Microsoft, shocking the entire Streamer community throughout the past time.

Adidas says the Ninja deal will demonstrate its commitment to gaming culture and support creators who are showing their dedication in the virtual world. Above all, Adidas will also have new ways to support the community of 2.3 billion gamers in the future, especially helping athletes make a difference no matter what “sport” they are playing.

Currently, Adidas and Ninja have not disclosed the number of this deal. However, with EA having paid this Ninja more than 1 million USD just to play Apex Legends, the real number will far exceed all of our predictions.​

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