Overwatch is not dead yet, the game now has 10 million monthly players

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This is probably one of the most common questions in esports: Is Overwatch becoming a dead game?

This question is a bit difficult to answer because Blizzard has never announced the official player count. Instead, Overwatch fans can only estimate this number based on how many people watch the game on Twitch, as well as how attractive the Overwatch League is. Unfortunately, these two statistics show that Overwatch seems to be dying.

But Blizzard has just made an announcement showing that Overwatch is not a ‘dead game’. On the contrary, the game is still thriving.

Blizzard announces 10 million monthly Overwatch players

According to a Q3 report from publisher Overwatch, the first-person shooter has 10 million monthly active players. With the game being nearly 5 years old, this is quite an impressive number. Activision Blizzard said this is a “large and enthusiastic community”.

Even the Overwatch League isn’t as bad as the esports world thought it would be. In contrast, last October’s final was the “most watched event” in Overwatch game history.

Overwatch continues to gain popularity thanks to its holiday-themed events, eye-catching skins, and all eyes on the sequel. Overwatch 2 will add new game modes, new heroes, and new maps to Overwatch. The game even goes deeper into the plot. Blizzard also said that Overwatch may be released on mobile, but specific plans have not been announced.

Although Overwatch is still not ‘dead’, the game cannot match its competitors. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the older title, has double the player count. CSGO reaches about 20 million active players per month. League of Legends has 115 million monthly players, far more than Overwatch and most other competitive games. That shows that although Overwatch is not over, the game is not enough to make it to the top of the world’s top esports disciplines.

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