IEM Sydney 2019: Liquid vs Fnatic Final Prediction

Liquid vs Fnatic
Liquid vs Fnatic

With the semi-finals over, we finally know who will make it to the finals of IEM Sydney 2019. Both teams deserve it, especially fnatic – they showed their fighting spirit. me. However, the Danish boys will have to face the difficult problem in front of them, Liquid.

Liquid vs fnatic prediction – IEM Sydney 2019


Both played a lot of matches during IEM Sydney 2019, we will only look at the following matches.


Currently, Liquid has not lost a map in this CSGO tournament. BOOT-d[S] absolutely no match for Liquid at Nuke, even though they performed well in CT. Overall, the skill gap makes BOOT-d[S] no chance to fight back. Twistzz dominated this BO1 match with 27 kills in 25 rounds.

After entering the winning bracket IEM Sydney 2019, Liquid faced BIG. Since the German team played without XANTARES, they knew their chances of winning a BO3 against Liquid were pretty low.

For some reason, BIG picked Dust2 and was obviously crushed 16-7. Liquid picked Overpass and this map turned out to be a great choice. Once again BIG could only win 3 rounds in the first half and then lose all of them: 16-3.

Next is NiP. The Swedish team looks good and predicts NiP will win at least one map against Liquid. However, NiP could not successfully play on the T-side of the Overpass map.

Overall, Liquid was slightly better in Nuke and Overpass to win 2-0, thereby earning themselves a place in the playoffs.

In the semifinals, Liquid reunited with MIBR and defeated the Brazilian team in both Mirage and Nuke. Personally, Liquid didn’t play too well at Nuke and this map could have gone in a different direction.


At first, their fans probably breathed a sigh of relief after the first few games. Fnatic didn’t have a hard time against Heroic and took out his opponent at Train with ease.

However, when they entered the winning bracket, they had absolutely no door in front of the MIBR. Fnatic almost lost 16-0 to the Brazilian team at their map pick, Nuke. Overpass was in the same situation, although the first round was somewhat more balanced, but overall it was still an easy victory for MIBR.

Falling to the losing bracket, fnatic played Chiefs. Despite the intense loss of Dust2, fnatic revived at Mirage and Inferno. The Swedish team looked very strong at Inferno and Mirage, not giving the Chiefs a chance to protest.

Continuing in the next round is another representative from Australia, Grayhound. Fnatic played well in the first map. This time, they narrowly won 16-0 Grayhound at Overpass. However, fnatic lost their map pick to Mirage after an unbelievable comeback.

In the deciding map, fnatic had a great first half, but the boys still made some silly round mistakes. In the end, fnatic still made it to the quarterfinals.

Fnatic met NiP in the quarterfinals. We don’t have much to say about this match other than fnatic is simply the luckier team. In this BO3 series, up to 117 rounds took place. Fnatic won against Cache and Dust2, but lost to Overpass.

Going to the semi-finals against NRG, Fnatic lost to Inferno to equalize the series at Train. In the end, fnatic performed at Mirage extremely well to overtake NRG and qualify for the finals.

Map Pool

Finals of IEM Sydney 2019 will be BO5, we are not too difficult to predict the map veto for Liquid vs. Fnatic.

Let’s start with a few things we already know. Liquid have never competed in Train and Cache, and they will definitely eliminate 1 of these 2 maps. There’s a good chance that Liquid will ban Train, simply because the NA team is more comfortable in Cache.

On the other hand, fnatic can play a lot of maps, but has difficulty in certain maps. It’s possible that fnatic will ban Nuke, because they are ‘disgusted’ with Liquid in this map.


  • Liquid ban Train
  • Fnatic ban Nuke
  • Liquid pick Dust 2
  • Fnatic picks Cache
  • Liquid pick Overpass
  • Fnatic picks Mirage
  • Inferno is the deciding map

Confrontation history

Both teams faced each other a lot: 9 times in total. Liquid won fnatic 6 times, the rest went to fnatic.

After losing to Nuke 16-5, fnatic started banning this map against Liquid. On the other hand, it looked like fnatic could beat Liquid at Mirage and they did it twice in a row. The other maps are quite balanced and not clearly demarcated.

Liquid vs fnatic – Prediction

It’s hard to say that Liquid is limited in terms of map pools, but things are really different since this is a BO5 series. As mentioned, Liquid has never been strong at Cache and Train. However, with this format, fnatic will definitely bring in at least 1 of these 2 maps.

As for the rest of the maps, fnatic can beat Mirage and compete closely at Overpass. Overall, fnatic can outperform Liquid but the final prediction is: Number of maps will take place on 3 maps (over 3.5).

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