Ban from playing 3 teams in CFL tournaments due to “selling points”, “shooting for”, “buying referees”

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A recent incident happened within the framework of the tournament Pro League 2018 season 2 related to cheating that is causing the player community Crossfire Legends tumultuous than ever.

Specifically, on October 1, there was a round between two pairs of teams Freedom – Wiki Gaming and Blue Stars – Robort Esport. However, after the round took place, the BTC system detected the log acc behavior of the Freedom team to shoot with the Wiki Gaming team from Team Blue Star and Robot, then the behavior of selling points from Team Robot and Blue Star. . At the same time, the BTC also discovered the act of buying referee Bui Vinh Bao to check the map from the Wiki Gaming team.​

Before these cheating acts, the 3 competing teams involved in the incident, Blue Star, Robot and Wiki Gaming, respectively, received a penalty of permanently banning all members who participated negatively this season. from all tournaments under the system organized by VNG, as well as cancel all results that these teams have achieved previously. Particularly for the referee, Bui Vinh Bao was sanctioned with a permanent whistle, cut off all benefits and wages that will be received in the future, and transferred this position to another referee. The decision has been announced by the BTC representative in front of the entire CFL player community.

However, as soon as these penalties were given, a member of the Wiki Gaming team immediately voiced an “appeal”. According to the original presentation of gamer Le Cong Tu – the leader of Wiki Gaming, it is known that on the last day of the competition, Wiki Gaming met an opponent, Blue Star, and had the result of winning 1 match and drawing 1 match. After losing to Wiki Gaming, Blue Star immediately raised suspicions that Wiki member Yasou was cheating. However, after the BTC checked the information of Yasou’s data in the match that day about 5 times, no abnormal behavior was detected.


But Blue Star still did not give up on Wiki Gaming and continued to use the act of shooting for Freedom Gaming members with the purpose of taking revenge and proving itself worthy to receive the championship, but once again failed. lose. Still not achieving the goal, Blue Star again accused Wiki Gaming of asking referee Bui Vinh Bao to check the machine during the match between Wiki and Blue Star, but forgot that the main catcher in that match was referee Tran Hy, not Bui Vinh Bao. The evidence that Blue Star gave to denounce was actually just a joking chat between Wiki Gaming and referee Bui Vinh Bao.​


The incident is still causing a lot of controversy in the Crossfire Legends player community, but currently the BTC side has not made any further announcements. The next development will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com when it gets official information.

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