PUBG – Instructions for adjusting blood color to make it easier to see when shooting

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In addition to the skill of centering, pinning or choosing a position, knowing whether your bullet will hit the target or not is also extremely important. For example, when you have a direct firefight, knowing how many bullets the enemy gets will let you know when he is “heal” or not, thereby deciding whether to push to his position or move to another position. more convenient hiding. However, with the blood splash effect when hit with a crimson bullet, it is often difficult for gamers to know if they have hit the enemy or not. Especially if you are standing outside in the light and the enemy is in the dark like indoors or under a tree, this is even more difficult to see.


Therefore, to help gamers more easily observe in the game PUBG, Emergenceingame.Com would like to guide you to adjust the blood color in the game. Please note this blood color correction is not against the developer’s regulations and in fact it is tied to several different servers due to the regulations of each country on game content. However, in the past, if you wanted to change the blood effect, you would often have to change the language in the game, making many people feel extremely uncomfortable. But now the story is different.


Accordingly, you can still change the effect of red blood to blue blood, allowing you to know if the enemy is hit or not even if they are standing indoors and you are outside. All you need to do is go to the Steam software on your computer, right-click the game name PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds listed on the left hand side and then select Properties. At Properties you will see the Set Launch Options section, click on it.

The green blood effect is much easier to see than the usual red.

Then the game will display the Launch Option notice board and you just need to paste the following text: “-KoreanRating” (without quotes and remember to capitalize K and R). You press OK and start the game, you can see the red blood effect in the game will turn green, much easier to see than before.


Emergenceingame.Com will continuously have tutorials for PUBG gamers in the future. Remember to read it.

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