“Old Wolf” Wolverine will return to reunite with the Avengers army?

Recently, while talking about the incident Disney repurchase Fox During ACE Comic-Con, Winter Soldier actor Sebastian Stan talked about his future projects Marvel like the series Avengers and X-men. He said: “Not long ago, I happened to meet an actor Hugh Jackman (playing Logan/Wolverine), I asked him if I could still see him return to the role. Logan okay anymore? I am very curious about this, because many people must think like me, that the movie Wolverine 3: Logan last year was his last werewolf movie. Looks like Hugh Jackman is still thinking about this and considering appearing in Avengers and X-men but no official decision has been made yet. Honestly, right now I’m not sure if he’ll end up returning to this legendary role.”

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Start with the role Wolverine Since 2000, Hugh Jackman has accompanied the role of Werewolf for 17 years and has become an irreplaceable monument in the hearts of the audience. However, this long journey must also come to an end. At the beginning of 2017, fans were deeply saddened when Hugh Jackman announced that he would no longer be playing the role Wolverine more, at the same time Wolverine 3: Logan was also his last film with the character werewolf. At the age of 50, the actor wants to give this position to generations Wolverine new and live a full life with family. Every time he was asked by the media, he bluntly said that he would not return to this role again. However, recently after Disney buy company Foxthe characters Marvel strayed so long like X-Men, Fantastic Four… has returned to reunite with the army Avengersmaking people dream of a movie that X-men with Avengers together in the future. Even Chris Hemsworth (Thor) expressed his desire to have a cooperation between Thor and WolverineChris also wanted to call Hugh Jackman to convince him to come back.

Hugh Jackman has become an irreplaceable legendary Wolverine


But this is not very likely to happen, because in mid-December last year, when asked again about this issue, Hugh Jackman’s attitude was still extremely resolute. Jackman said: “This is a very good idea, because over the last 17 years I’ve played Wolverine, I’ve always thought that if Iron Man, Hulk and Wolverine teamed up to fight, it would be a very interesting thing. Every time I watch the series. Avengers, I can also imagine the scene of Wolverine standing in that line, fighting together to destroy the enemy. However, the fact remains that this is no longer possible.”


Although the current cinematic universe Marvel is about to enter a new phase, there will be many new generations of superheroes formed, but Wolverine remains one of the legendary characters that fans want to see in the movies the most. Hopefully in the future, “old wolf” Wolverine – Hugh Jackman will “change his mind”, return to the screen to stand side by side with superheroes Marvelfulfilling the desire to join forces to fight of the actors themselves and those who love werewolves.

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