Webgame to find the love story of So Kieu tested at 10:00 on January 17

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Accordingly, each rookie will be given 30,000 Gold, upgrade to VIP 6 to experience and write their own story. Expected, Department of Kieu End of testing at 15:00 on January 18 and officially launching the game village at 10:00 am on January 19.

Was able to fight Chu Kieu right away

Appearing about a month ago until now, So Kieu is extremely expected and expected by the community. Many crazy fans of this romantic drama share that every day they go to fanpages and groups just to ask “when will the game come out”, “will the game be played soon”, “is the game like a movie”, “looking forward to the game”. Department of Kieu”,….

Fans of So Kieu wait for the game to open

There are even gamers who, while waiting for the game’s opening, have formed groups, teams, date each other in the battle game, suggest and share interesting things about the character classes that they have known through the movie. . This indicates, webgame This initially made a strong impression in the hearts of the gaming community.

Whose love story will appeal to the crazy fan community of So Kieu?

So Kieu was released by VNG through the 360Game portal, the game was developed based on the content of the blockbuster movie So Kieu Truyen, which has been shown since mid-2017. When it comes to the game version, the game still retains its features. by So Kieu Truyen, but brought a new experience, closer to the life of Tinh Nhi, Nguyet Ca and Yen.

Good game, beautiful scenery, romantic love story only in Chu Kieu

Through the chain of tasks, the game also depicts the love of all three main character classes. Players will play the role of one of them to conquer the game, improve their personal skills, create an image and position for themselves in the world of swordplay. It is known that all three of these character classes use swords, but depending on the characteristics of each class, players can transform their characters at will, creating their own unique features. Therefore, the game will increase the variety of content as well as stimulate the creativity of each player.

Where there is Chu Kieu, there is love language

Bright game colors, beautiful scenes, shimmering characters, friendly interface are also the highlights that make up the attraction of So Kieu webgame. In addition, the PvP system is diverse, challenging gamers with ecstatic activities, royal castles, duel, boss, … along with the division of North and South Korea to create a national war that brings drama. and thrilling in the context of the game plot. This webgame promises to bring a new atmosphere, a strange color to the gaming village in early 2018.

Webgame So Kieu ends the test at 15:00 on January 18 and officially launched at 10:00 a.m. on January 19 with many incentives for gamers.
Fight now at So Kieu at http://id.sokieu.360game.vn/quick-play
Home page: https://sokieu.360game.vn
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/sokieu.360game.vn/​​

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