Fortnite threatens PUBG with an unprecedented number of online gamers

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As we know it PUBG is still the hottest game in the virtual world at the moment with a record number of online gamers, even surpassing monuments like CS:GO nice Dota 2. However, for many people, touching PUBG is quite difficult because to play the game you will have to pay more than 300 hundred thousand for a copyright game key. It is because of this that the titles Battle Royale Others have approached the free model, giving it a more or less advantage over Bluehole’s super product.


Fortnite is a prime example of this when continuously attracting a large number of players thanks to the fact that no key payment is required. Indeed, Epic Games’ products have more than 40 million registered gamers in the hands.. not to mention having just reached 2 million online players at the same time. This is the milestone that PUBG just passed a few months ago, showing that Fortnite is pursuing PUBG fiercely.


Actually in terms of gameplay style Fortnite bears strong similarities with PUBG, but the game impresses with the very free construction mechanism. Gamers can exploit materials in the map and optionally build retaining walls or stairs to reach an elevated position. It is this factor that has created unpredictable matches where more creative gamers are the winners.


If you want to step into this unique Battle Royale game, readers can see instructions to download and install the game for free at:

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