Apex Legends reached the Top 10 Hottest Games on Steam after only 1 day of release

Apex Legends lot Top 10 Game Hot nhat Steam chi sau 1 ngay phat hanh94793a627bd80fca - Emergenceingame

EA published Apex Legends above Steam just a few months after bringing previously exclusive products to Valve’s game distribution platform. Apex Legends immediately entered Steam’s top games ranking.

Follow SteamDBApex Legends has reached nearly 90,000 players online at the same time on its first day on Steam. EA’s shooter ranked on par with and even surpassed some names like Rainbow Six Siege, Destiny 2, and Grand Theft Auto V. On the second day after launch, Apex Legends reached the number of players. a new high of 100,028, cementing the spot on Steam’s top games chart.


However there is no way to track the number of first-time players on Steam or the number of players switching from Origin. Unlike Steam, Origin does not publicize the number of concurrent players online. PC player Apex Legends progress can be switched between Steam and Origin. Also, PC players are all in the same matchmaking pool, so switching from Origin to Steam or vice versa is easy.

Apex Legends launches on Steam with season 7, bringing new characters – Horizon, new maps and more. The game also featured some controversial battle pass changes, forcing developer Respawn to speed things up in response to complaints from the player community.

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