Witness the superb opening sequence of Dragon Ball FighterZ

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The Dragon Ball manga series was born nearly 30 years ago and many generations of fans have entered middle age, but it seems that Toriyama Akira’s fantasy world continues to be an endless source of inspiration. for the international gaming community. In the latest event, the hit game Dragon Ball FighterZ of Bandai Namco once again made Dragon Ball fans boil when witnessing the return of the characters they once loved.


Dragon Ball FighterZ game opening trailer

The intense music, fierce cutscenes, Hollywood-like action expressions, and epic attack effects leave even gamers who aren’t a fan of the fighting genre to be impressed by the opening sequence of the series. Dragon Ball FighterZ. Just counting through, you can see that up to 20 characters appeared in just over a short minute, from classic characters that appeared in the first episode to anime-born characters that only a part of fans can recognize. go out. Right now the rest of the community is ready to play the game to find out who those strange characters are.


Dragon Ball FighterZ expected to be released on January 26, 2018, for platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game belongs to the fighting genre similar to Street Fighter, possessing a massive character inventory spanning the development history of Dragon Ball. In addition to the characters introduced in the opening clip, this game also constantly updates other characters, which include many versions of the main characters such as Gohan – Gohan as a child, Goku – Super Saiyan Goku – SSGSS Goku.​

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