Not wanting to lose the gift for the girl, this gamer has to ask for the help of 500 VLTKm comrades

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In the midst of today’s “cuffed” era, everyone has to admit that the power and influence of the online community is extremely formidable. Whether it is in a positive or negative aspect, we can clearly see its impact on our present life. Even when it comes to the love affair, making a man and a woman bring a couple closer together, netizens can also do this role very well. Even easier if it is simply a bet calculated by the number of virtual likes, even a slight mobilization can make the impossible possible. That’s not it, the guy – a male gamer Martial Arts Mobile In the sharing below, to be able to get the breakfast invitation of the girlfriend in the game as well as not lose her gift, I had to ask for the help of 500 other comrades.


According to this gamer, there is a contract between the two, if the picture that this guy posts on the group gets 500 likes, tomorrow morning the girl will invite the male friend to eat beef noodle soup with a promotional can of coke, and if or else it takes her a dress. With a normal photo like this uploaded without specifying the reason, it will probably only get a few likes. But obviously, when he clearly stated his cause and purpose with this photo, he received the enthusiastic response of a large number of members in the VLTK Mobile community. Especially many male gamers are extremely eager to help their brothers. The result was even better than the expectations of male gamers and girlfriends, not 500 likes but more than 3 times that number.


So with the help of 500 brothers and sisters, the above gamer won the girlfriend bet easily. But it is indeed a “masculine” name, so even though he was the one who should have been invited, he was very gallant to invite his girlfriend back. The dress is still a gift that gamers want to give their girlfriends on the upcoming Valentine’s Day.


What a lovely couple, aren’t they? VLTK Mobile has always been such a cool matchmaker, not only because of the features in the game but also thanks to owning a gaming community of extremely large, lovely and vibrant boys and girls, most crowded solar system. There where the members not only share a common hobby, but also can share with each other a lot of joys, sorrows, and other confidants in life!

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