CFL – Survival mode: What’s the difference between single player and team play?

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1. Safety

Certainly when playing in groups will be safer than playing alone because you still have a chance to be saved if the enemy accidentally drains your health to 0 HP. While with solo, it only takes a second of carelessness and you can immediately go to the altar without even thinking about what happened. And it should be remembered that if you play alone and do not have much experience in detecting the enemy direction, you should switch to the direction of working hard to hide to be safer.


2. Move

It is quite easy to see that when playing alone, you are more free, can move anywhere you like and are free to act. But if you play in groups, walking indiscriminately can become a risk that your teammates will be exposed. Moreover, there are cases where you are defeated by your opponent, but being too far away from your teammates makes it more difficult to access the ambulance. If you die, the pressure of lack of people will also weigh on the remaining players.


In addition, with the option to play in groups, you should note that eyes and ears are everywhere, especially in areas with high risk of stalking such as multi-storey buildings, bridge blocking. With a view of 4 members, the small towns have almost no openings for you to be active. That’s not to mention there’s more than one group in the area you’re standing in. Any unintentional noise from your side can put you in the sights of multiple gun barrels.


3. Firepower

Unlike single-player, gunfights in group mode are often louder and more boisterous because of the higher density of gunfire. It is also understandable because every time there is a clash, surely all members of the group will rush to support each other. If you participate in a gunfight in team mode, the possibility of being killed is also faster if you reveal your position in front of the opponent.


Firepower in group play is usually concentrated firepower of 3 or 4 members combined, creating a high and permanent danger zone. While playing solo, the firepower is single and they are not maintained for long because the player often has to hide or change the firing position, avoiding revealing traces for a long time. Another advantage of the firepower of playing in groups is that teammates can share weapons, equipment, and ammunition for each other more easily.

4. Survive

When playing in groups, your level of safety will be enhanced by having support and protection from teammates, provided you only encounter a gunfight at a distance or your teammates have to be very close to timely emergency. If you go to collect things too far from your group and accidentally fall into the enemy’s sights, your chances of being saved are almost zero.


As the war nears its end in the final rounds, surviving in group play begins to become more difficult as the other groups now have quite a few good weapons and equipment. The problem of maintaining the team’s vitality also became more difficult to solve. In solo mode, you can still take advantage of borrowing killer knives from other players to make the road to TOP 1 less thorny. In addition, with the running phase, a group of 4 people inert in the middle of nowhere will be extremely revealing compared to you running alone in solo. You will be very easy to attract the attention of the enemy if you do not have the right move strategy.

Hope all the above notes will help you have more experience when playing survivalboth single player and team 4.​

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