CFL: Launching the Top Clan Race event to receive great gifts from September 4

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CrossFire Legends, the extremely hot mobile FPS game in the past year with competitive and dramatic gameplay and a dense tournament system that attracts gunners all over the country. Community CFL is considered to be a strong development in the past year and CLAN is the bridge to help shooters with the same passion to connect with each other. Understanding that, NPH VNG has launched an attractive Top Clan Race event to honor clans that have been active in recent years.

Time: September 4 – September 30, 2018

  • Top clans from 1 to 10: Each clan gets 25 CFL t-shirts​

  • Top clans from 11 to 20: Each clan will receive 15 CFL t-shirts​

  • Top clans from 21 to 30: Each clan gets 10 CFL t-shirts​


Gunners can increase their clan’s dynamism and race to the top during this time by participating in active ingame activities and spending gems.

Note: Limit to lose members in CLAN (Lost dynamic points of out clan members completely)
How to give gifts: At the end of the event, BTC will contact the clan’s Administration and send gifts.

The Top Clan Race event is one of the stepping stones to help the CFL community grow stronger and honor the clans’ efforts to build a healthy playground over the past time. And now, invite your friends to share the same passion for shooting and join the bloody CFL battlefield right now!

Learn more about Crossfire Legends here:

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