Taste the terrifying despair of being lost in the midst of The Forest

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As one of the brightest games of the open world survival genre, The Forest will definitely be a name that no player wants to ignore. In particular, if you are a fan of the series “Lost” or Cannibal Holocaust, this is even more the game for you.

What is The Forest about?

Developed by Endnight Games, The Forest is a psychological horror game, when players will be playing the role of the sole survivor after a plane crash in the middle of a sacred forest. Very quickly, you will realize you are not the only “person”. In the forest, there exists a tribe of cannibals who are hungry for your delicious taste.

Gameplay of The Forest will focus on survival elements

Through the first-person perspective, players will have to search for food, shelter, as well as keep an eye on the disturbance of the environment as time rotates between day and night. These are the factors that will determine your own survival when alone in the wilderness.


The Forest allows players the freedom to explore and do whatever you want in the middle of the forest. You can hunt, or be hunted by hordes of predators. You can also pick fruits, then use their seeds to grow plants. You can even create your own shelter, by collecting tools that are scattered throughout the forest. Of course, to combat the dangers lurking around, you should also not forget to set traps around.

You’ll also need to craft your own healing items, or weapons to fend off the native cannibals. Endnight Games describes The Forest as a survival horror experience, and the game will not give you any quests. You can do everything you want.

The horror element of the game focuses mainly on the lostness between the forest and the fearsome cannibals. As you explore, you will discover their lair, and have to face creatures that are ten thousand times more hideous than you have encountered before. Flee or fight? It is your choice to survive.

There will be multiplayer mode

The Forest will feature a multiplayer mode, built around co-op gameplay. In the Steam playable version, 8 players can team up to survive. Or, in a darker aspect, they can completely kill each other to master all the resources. The PS4 version has yet to reveal anything about this mode.

When will it be released?

As planned, the PS4 version of The Forest will be released in the early part of 2018. As for the PC version, right now, players can participate in the Early Access phase of the game on Steam according to the plan. Address: http://store.steampowered.com/app/242760/The_Forest/

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