No surprises: FACEIT Major results on the 2nd round of New Legends

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Day two of the New Legends FACEIT Major – London 2018 round has come to an end, with all matches going “as predicted”. The top teams in each match win their match.

Here’s a rundown of what happened:

BIG 1:0 TyLoo – Train 16:7 (13:2, 3:5)

TyLoo finally fell, when BIG defeated the Chinese team with a pretty convincing score. Germany made a great CT start, blocking the Chinese attack, taking a 13:2 lead. In the second half, we saw a steady start from TyLoo, as the team won the pistol round and four rounds later. However, with a huge gap, BIG won 3 rounds in a row to end the Train map at a score of 16:7.

Winstrike Team 0:1 Fnatic – Inferno 7:16 (7:8, 0:8)

A victory for the Swedish team, when the bottom team completely lost at Inferno. Fnatic started on CT and took the first pistol round and three rounds after that. However, the two sides began to struggle back and forth, with Fnatic taking the lead with a tight score of 8:7. Contrary to CT, to steal, Fnatic was completely overwhelmed, winning 8 rounds in a row to end the 16:7 series.

Vega Squadron 0:1 Astralis – Inferno 4:16 (4:11, 0:5)

The sharks cannot surprise the world No. 1 team. The first half saw the successful momentum of the Danish boys, after losing the pistol round and two rounds later, they completely dominated. Vega could only win one more round to reach 4:11 (Astralis lead). To T, Astralis quickly won with 5 consecutive rounds, ending the Inferno map with a score of 16:4

Cloud9 0:1 HellRaisers – Overpass 16:19 (5:10, 10:5, 1:4)

HellRaisers had to go through a match that included extra time, pushing the Major Boston champion closer to the abyss. In the official round, both teams played well on the T side. However, looking back, HellRaisers lost both pistol rounds and still managed to come back. In the extra time, in contrast to the main period, the match completely tilted to one side, with HR rising to win, giving themselves a 1:1 record.

compLexity Gaming 1:0 G2 Esports – 16:11 cache (13:2, 3:9)

The North American representative continued to win a victory against the strong French team to get themselves a record of 2:0 in the Legends round. In the first half, G2 Esports could only win 2 rounds. compLexity completely destroys defenses. But when they changed to T, G2 started the journey to go upstream, playing bravely. Unfortunately, with such a big gap, compLexity only needed to win 3 rounds to finish and they did, ending the game at 16:11.

Ninjas in Pajamas 0:1 Team Liquid – Mirage 10:16 (8:7, 2:9)

Liquid continued their great Major journey, this time, the opponent to lose to them was NiP. The North American representative started on the T side and quickly got an early advantage after winning the pistol round. Leading 6:1, but then Liquid only won 1 more round at the beginning of the half. NiP temporarily took the lead by 1 in the first half (8:7). Entering CT, Liquid refused all the efforts of the Ninja. NiP was only able to take 2 rounds on the T side, and Liquid came out victorious, ending the Mirage map with a score of 16:10.

Natus Vincere 1:0 FaZe Clan – Overpass 16:12 (5:10, 11:2)

Great comeback from Natus Vincere to avoid the possibility of being eliminated. Starting on the T side, Na`Vi had a difficult time, constantly being crushed by FaZe’s defense. Not only did the CIS representative lose the first pistol round and the following three rounds, they also let FaZe take control of the situation, leading 5:10. However, when going to CT, Na`Vi was the better team. Although losing the second pistol round, it seemed that everything was going to go badly, but thanks to round 2 force-buy, Na`Vi turned the situation around. The CIS team successfully came back, only allowing FaZe to win one more round before ending the half at 16:12.

mousesports 0:1 MIBR – Dust2 6:16 (5:10, 1:6)

The performance was very convincing from MiBR at Dust 2, removing his score to 1:1. Mousesports started at CT and won the pistol round and the next two rounds. After picking up the gun, MiBR began to control the outcome of the match, taking round after round. MiBR continued to play well until the end of the first half, leading 10:5 before switching to CT. The American team ended the game overwhelmingly, despite a surprise loss in round 2, ending day 2 at a score of 16:6.

Below is a summary of the results for the 2nd day of competition




BIG TyLoo Winstrike Team
Astralis Fnatic Cloud9
compLexity Gaming Vega Squadron FaZe Clan
Team Liquid HellRaisers mousesports
X G2 Esports X
X Ninjas in Pajamas X
X Natus Vincere X

Match schedule of matches on Tuesday:

Group 2:0

compLexity Gaming with. BIG
Astralis with. Team Liquid

Group 1:1

Natus Vincere with. Ninjas in Pajamas
Vega Squadron with. Fnatic
G2 Esports with. MIBR
HellRaisers with. TyLoo

Group 0:2

FaZe Clan with. mousesports
Cloud9 with. Winstrike Team

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