Role-based matchmaking is back in Dota Plus with the ‘End of Summer’ update

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The International 2018 Battle Pass has ended, and the Dota 2 community on Reddit is flooded with posts asking Valve to revive the role-based matchmaking feature. This is one of the best features of Battlepass and ensures balance in the team instead of the risk of falling into a match where all the ‘5 saints’ choose ‘5 core’. This community request has been met by Valve, with ‘Ranked Roles Matchmaking’ returning in Dota Plus! Here’s what the update notes:

With the end of The International and Battle Pass season, today’s update will focus on some exciting features of Dota Plus.

Soon, Ranked Roles matchmaking will be added to Dota Plus. To mark this milestone, we’ve added a quest: players who win 5 matches in Ranked Roles will receive 5000 shards.

We’re also moving In-Game Tipping into Dota Plus, so you can celebrate your glory days by sending free Shards to your teammates and opponents, recognizing their contribution to the game.

Describe your feelings with Sound Effects, now unlockable with Shards. Once unlocked, you will be able to use these sounds while your Dota Plus account is active.

Finally, as a special ‘end-of’summer’ bonus, any Dota Plus member who plays 4 games this weekend can claim an additional 10,000 Shards.

Ranked Roles Matchmaking

It’s been quite a while since Dota Plus received a ‘genuine’ update, and this feature should definitely convince you to buy Dota Plus. That is if you like to rank up. Ranked Roles Matchmaking is a great feature for those who do not want to participate in the controversial process of choosing their position / role in the early game, the consequences can be unnecessary toxic games. With a predefined role, but the player doesn’t stick to the role they have chosen, they will definitely be reported by the team. This creates balance in the game and ensures you don’t get ‘raged’ right before the game even starts!

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The sound of Chatwheel

Valve also added some chatwheel sounds from the Battle Pass to Dota Plus. You’ll probably expect the ‘Lakaaad Matataaaag’ line in the game. But unfortunately, that won’t happen. The sounds in Chatwheel are just the basics. The special sounds will be exclusive to The International Battle Pass!

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In addition to the above two major changes, a few other things have also been added to the game such as the ability to tip shards in the game (giving Shards to each other while the game is in progress). The good news in this update is not the added features but the signal that Valve has taken the Dota 2 community’s opinion into consideration!

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