Newbie gift 7 days when playing game Crossfire Legends

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Crossfire Legends offers gamers a series of 7-day attractive events with loads of valuable prizes and gifts in the game. Each player can participate in multiple events at the same time or choose the event they like to receive rewards. Join these events to get the most valuable and useful rewards when Crossfire Legends Please.

This event list includes 7 mini events, each event that players participate in is different rewards, extremely valuable and useful during their game play.

New player celebration event Crossfire Legends

In addition to the familiar game modes and maps on the familiar Raid game, CF Mobile also opens many new game modes in all 4 current competition systems such as:

  • PvP team battles.
  • Casual with Zombie.
  • Rocket fights.
  • Big head disorder.
  • Hide and seek.
  • PvE fighting.
  • Other attractive copies …

1. Take attendance 7 days

If the player’s account is created for the first time on the Mobile Raid game system. After logging in for the first time, you will receive a gift inside 7 consecutive login times later.

Reward corresponding:

Take attendance to receive gifts

2. Online get rewarded

To be able to play the game, users need an internet connection. But if it is during the event, not only can players participate in the game, but gamers also have the opportunity to receive rewards corresponding to each time they are online on the game.


Online receive gifts

Every day there are 3 fixed and specific timelines, just log in Crossfire Legends account during this time gifts can be accepted.

Online get rewarded

3. First load

This is an event exclusively for gamers who use loaded cards in the game. With each card loaded Of any value, you will receive immediately:

  • M4A1-S gun (used for 3 days) x 1
  • Bulletproof vest (used for 3 days) x 1.

4. Load diamonds get more backpack

If the player reloads the card to a fixed point so it can be loaded 100 diamondsYou will receive a new backpack (third backpack) in the Warehouse to equip for each battle.

5. Receive gift checkin 30 days

With this event, you just need to log in to the game at any time of the day to receive rewards. A little tip, you can completely combine with online to receive the reward (online of the day, at the specified time frame) to receive more bonuses.

Checkin 30 days

In addition, during this event, there will be a certain number of days selected, at these milestones, in addition to the regular 30-day bonus, we also have the opportunity to receive more valuable gifts and Other extremely rare such as: gun puzzle pieces, GEM and EXP.

Gift by date

6. Recharge accumulated gifts

That means not only the first recharge, but the next, if you are fully loaded diamond mold that the event offers, will receive extra extreme rewards.

Cumulative load

Above is the complete list of events, as well as how to get rewards and rewards for participating in each event. If you are playing Crossfire Legends (CF Legends), do not miss these great opportunities to bring in the most valuable rewards.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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