Top 5 skill combo Xayne Free Fire

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With Xayne character skills Free Fire is an active skill, it can only be combined with other passive skills. Therefore, in this article, Taimienphi will list 5 best Xayne Free Fire skill combos, used by many professional gamers for readers.

Garena has overhauled the Free Fire character skill system in the OB27 Cuong Hoa update. The update brings a host of new abilities along with massive buffs for characters who aren’t really strong. Among the changes, the most notable addition is probably the new character Xayne.

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top 5 free fire combos

Skills that combine Free Fire with the strongest Xayne character

Top 5 character skill combos Xayne Free Fire

1. Shot Kelly’s Acceleration Lightning
The first character who can exaggerate Xayne’s powers is Kelly, who is known as the power in the Free Fire rating mode. Xayne’s Xtreme Encounter is an extremely aggressive skill that increases HP and damage Gloo Wall in the middle of a battle. The lethal velocity will effectively work in tandem with that, giving you a bit more speed for locating and firing more damage after sprinting.

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free fire combos

The bonus damage from Accelerated Shoots has been multiplied even further by Xayne’s abilities. Therefore, you can even defeat Gloo Wall in one shot, one bullet only.

2. Miguel’s Assassin
Equipped with Xayne’s skill, you won’t be able to heal with Alok’s skill or Miguel’s Nervousness can be a suitable replacement, you gain 70 EP after each kill, enough to heal damage caused by the battle, one of the top 5 skill combos Xayne Free Fire.

5 combos in free fire

3. Wolfrahh’s Livestream
You can only use Xayne’s skills a few times per battle, and therefore, you need to make the most of the skill (each activation must be a lying enemy). Wolfrahh’s skills give you more limb damage and protection when hit the head, which is why Wolfrahh’s Livestream is in the Top 5 skill combos Xayne Free Fire.

top 5 skill combos for free fire

4. Luqueta’s Hat Trick
Luqueta’s ability works with logic similar to that of Wolfrahh, you need to use Ferocity to get the first few kills. Once Luqueta’s Hat Trick reaches maximum level, you will have 235 HP to play instead of the usual 200.

top 5 free fire combo three knives nhat

This is really powerful as all guns in Free Fire are designed to take down players with up to 200 HP. You will not be killed instantly by sniper shots.

5. Hayato’s Shield of the Knife
Given Xayne’s tendency to be aggressive, it’s best to equip the Shield of the Knife, another aggressive passive that goes with it. With this combination, you can keep your HP slightly lower to gain more armor penetration from the Shield of the Knife, while reducing the damage in front of you.

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top 5 free fire magic combos

Above are the top 5 skills in Free Fire to combine with Xayne in the new Cuong Hoa OB27 update. Visit our website for more information and other interesting news.

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