How to read the door log in Among Us

Doorlog trong Among Us là gì?

Among Us There are 3 levels and many attractive features such as security camera, Admin room to help you see the whole map. Not only that, Among Us There is another interesting feature that helps you identify imposters – Imposter easily. That is DoorLog – Diary of the door. Here’s how to read the room log in Among Us.

What is Doorlog in Among Us?

What is DoorLog in Among Us?

Doorlog icon in Among Us

DoorLog is an additional feature in Among Us, allowing you to track players who have used a certain door on the map. This feature is available to all astronauts – Crewmate, but currently only supports Mira HQ maps.

DoorLog includes 3 sensors for doors on the map, helping to log users using or passing each sensor. Each sensor has its own color code. It helps you to know which user used what sensor. This is extremely useful when you see the body in one of the areas close to these 3 sensors.

What are 3 user logging sensors?

Interface reading room log in Among Us

North Sensor

This sensor is located in the northern area of ​​the Mira HQ map and shows a blue indicator light on the door log. When viewing this doorlog, users who have used the North sensor will have a green color in their logs.

South West Sensor

The sensor southwest of the Mira HQ is green. Each time a player walks through this sensor, the log will appear in green next to the user concerned.

South East Sensor

The last sensor is located on the Southeast part of the map and is orange. Each time a player walks through this sensor, their log will be highlighted in orange in the Doorlog of that door.

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How to access door logs in Among Us

You can view the door logs by visiting the Communications department. Here, go to the TV / computer in the upper right corner of the screen, then click / tap Doorlog in the lower right corner. You will now see a list of all the door logs recorded by the system and all players who have passed this sensor.

Doorlog will be updated in real time, meaning you can see who is passing through the sensor while reading logs.


  • While this is a great way to observe people, you won’t be able to view your neighborhood while reading your diary. That means an imposter can show up and kill you by surprise.
  • Among Us’s Doorlog feature can currently save 20 latest sensor logs.

The above is How to use Doorlog in Among Us. Hope this article will help you play the game Among Us better.

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