New PUBG Map: Will there be Venice 2.0?

PUBG Venezia
PUBG Venezia

A year ago, the idea of ​​​​a map of the ‘river’ of Venice appeared. Will PUBG soon have more Venezia 2.0 map?

PUBG Venice

The PUBG Venezia map idea was posted almost a year ago, in May 2019. That’s when Vikendi debuted.

As the name suggests, the design is based on the Italian city of Venice and includes more than 100 small islands – very different from the current maps in the game.

PUBG Map Venezia 2.0 - Emergenceingame

For that reason, this map will bring a unique combat experience to PUBG. The current maps mainly take place on land, so moving in the map is not too difficult. You can hop on the car and move safely into the circle.

With such a large number of islands, the map will force players to find ways to get into the circle more difficult. Venezia (the name of this Venice-style map) offers a different way to play in PUBG, especially when there are so many countries mixed with land.

Venice 2.0

Venezia was designed by IamEzalor and received positive feedback from the Reddit community. However, the design of this Redditor’s head is too large – there are more than a hundred buildings and more bridges than all the PUBG game maps combined.

Venezia 2.0 vs Venezia 1.0 - Emergenceingame
Venice 2.0 vs Venice 1.0

Although unique, many fans worry that the map is too complicated will make the game run poorly in this map, especially on PC. Thus, Venice 2.0 was born. It reduces the number of buildings by 66% and the number of bridges by 50%, as well as adding shallow water areas that allow players to cross, among other minor tweaks.

Could Venice be the next PUBG map?

At the moment, no one knows what the next PUBG map will look like. PUBG Corp seems to be adding new maps, but the studio has yet to make an official announcement.

As everyone knows, PUBG currently has a total of 4 maps and as the game matures, the developer is more and more concerned that the number of players will decrease. The new map – Venezia in particular – could revive PUBG, albeit only for a short time.

Venezia vs Erangel - Emergenceingame

Past maps

The current maps are still considered the quintessence of PUBG. The first map, Erangel, is still popular and just got some changes to the loot balance.

Gamers are not happy when PUBG turns Erangel into a ‘big Sanhok’

Miramar, the desert map, is the second map to appear in PUBG. Speaking of land area, this is the largest map.

Although the first two maps are 8km x 8km, PUBG’s third map, Sanhok, is smaller to focus on faster gameplay. Sanhok is a quarter of the size of Erangel and Miramar, only 16 square kilometers.

The newest map added is Vikendi. This snow map combines the previous three and has a size in the middle of 36 square kilometers.

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