Top 20 highest paid PUBG players in 2019

Những tuyển thủ PUBG có thu nhập cao
PUBG players have high income

PUBG exploded in March 2017 with the intention of popularizing the battle royale genre and they succeeded. But at the same time, PUBG has to compete directly with Fortnite Battle Royale, Apex Legends, Call of Duty and many other battle royale titles.

As Twitch streamers and professional players increasingly play PUBG, the amount of prize money in tournaments also increases. In the first two years of esports, gamers received more than 10 million in prize money.

PUBG Esports took the next level when FACEIT announced PUBG integration in September 2018 and fans witnessed some eye-catching competition moments, including a 1v6 clutch at the PUBG FACEIT GLobal Summit 2019 by Sun ‘Cpt ‘ Yu-Ze.

The biggest prize money of a PUBG tournament is the Global Invitational 2018, with a total prize money of $1 million. The winning team is Oh My God, consisting of 4 Chinese boys: silentBT_, lionkk, xiaohaixxxx and xiaorong.

These four members split the $430,000 prize pool. The table below shows how that tournament affects the earnings of PUBG players.

Top 20 highest earning PUBG players as of May 2, 2019

Class Name Nationality Income
#first lionkk China $204,507
#2 silentBT_ China $179,979
#3 xiaohaixxxx China $178,336
#4 Sambty Finland $164,783
#5 xiaorong China $163,256
#6 EscA Korea $153,763
#7 Ibiza Netherlands $153,533
#8 Jeemzz Norway $153,533
#9 Simsn Korea $125,722
#ten Scoom Gibraltar $125,554
#11 Chelator Korea $125,350
#twelfth Loki Korea $125,350
#13 Jembty Finland $93,827
#14 Hwan2da Korea $93,634
#15 Hulk Korea $90,391
#16 Starlord Korea $90,391
#17 fuzzface Switzerland $86,500
#18 Daengche Korea $85,337
#19 Menteul Korea $84,103
#20 Melukke Canada $77,583

Upcoming PUBG tournaments


Fragleague Season 2 Top Division and Open Division are underway – they could affect the rankings above. Top Division starts on April 14 and runs through June 2, while Open Division starts on October 4 and ends on May 29 – these are the events PUBG should take follow.

PEL 2019 Kick-Off Cup

In addition to the Fragleague, the PEL 2019 Kick-Off Cup also runs from April 30 to May 5, with a total prize pool of $125,000. While this isn’t a huge number, with players’ earnings so tight on the leaderboard, we could see some changes as soon as this tournament ends.

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