God of War 4 accidentally leaked release date?

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With fans of Kratosthe image of a bloodthirsty warrior with fierce anger today becoming a father who always protects his child is really a huge surprise. God of War 4 bring. That’s why even gamers who have stood side by side with Kratos and counted countless mortals and gods throughout the first 3 parts of the game. God of Warwill still have to feel curious about this version.

And now it seems that curiosity has been pushed to a whole new level when Sony’s own PlayStation Store system has just leaked the release date of this blockbuster. Accordingly, just a few hours ago, the God of War 4 game page on the PlayStation Store suddenly updated the official release date.


God of War 4 trailer.

Accordingly, the game is expected to launch on Playstation 4 on March 22 next year. However, soon after being developed by the fan community and some major news sites, the PlayStation Store suddenly changed back to December 31, 2018. For those of you who don’t know, December 31 is often chosen by Game Stores as a “fill in the blank” date, not accurate. Therefore, fans raised suspicions that the high possibility of March 22 is the launch date of God of War 4.


Not only that, the game page in some other countries also shows this exact date, making gamers even more convinced that this is the truth. However, we also have to admit that Sony has not shown much about God of War 4 at its events. Therefore, gamers look forward to the PSX event taking place on December 9 that God of War can reveal more information to gamers.

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