New Grand Master VNG: Chat with the top 1 player in the inter-server battle

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New Grand Master VNG Currently, Co Long is a general card game that has received a lot of attention from gamers who are passionate about general cards, especially after the Big Update version of Hoang Kim Lenh. Recently, the top inter-server players have been announced by the New Grand Master VNG. Notably, TN-Excalibur is the master with the highest combat stats. We had a chat with this player to share about the game as well as the secret to increasing the strength to climb the rankings.


Hi TN-Excalibur, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your chance to know the New Grand Master?
– Hello everyone, my name is Phuc, this year 27 years old from Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh. I found out about the game when I accidentally saw the trailer on facebook and found the game quite interesting, so I decided to give it a try. And I officially stick with the game when I feel that the game has many different and new points compared to the current games on the market.

Can you share your feelings about your journey to the top of the inter-server battle?
– Achieving the top 1 inter-server frying force is a very happy experience that I achieved. Initially intended to just play for fun, but after a while, a serious plow hoes. It can be said that I have a bit of experience when I have played many different types of champion cards, so I can grasp the game quite quickly. Although playing on the S16 server is a bit later than that, when I reached the top 1, I was a bit proud but quite pressured because the top 2, 3, 4 were very strong and didn’t lose much so I need to try harder. to keep the top.

What about VNG New Grandmaster attracts you and some skills to quickly increase combat power?
– The first point that New Grandmaster VNG is different from other games that I can feel most clearly is about generals, quite new when New Grand Master VNG has generals from Co Long, not the usual Three Kingdoms theme. . I have experienced a lot of general card games from many different publishers, but after 3 months of experiencing New Grand Master VNG, I still have not experienced all the features of the game, always being updated very richly.

A little sharing about the squad you are using and some tips to climb the rank?
– Previously, I used to use the Ximen Xuyue squad, but now I have completely switched to Ly Tham Hoa since General Kim debuted. In terms of strengths, Bach Thien Vu can deal much more damage than Ngo Minh and secondary generals like Ly Tham Hoa and Cong Tu Vu have the ability to revive and tank for longer. However, Bach Thien Vu has a weak point that there is no AOE damage, so his main champion needs to be strong enough to be able to support. My secret is to eat reasonable events, use Kim Nguyen Bao Hang sensibly. Mainly to buy roast chicken to level up stamina because leveling up in this game is quite important. Reaching the milestone has more new features opened to increase the battle force, the daily discount shop can buy depending on the ability but the most necessary is still leveling.

The lineup of top 1 players in the inter-server battle TN-Excalibur

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