Stunned by the Battle Royale game that allows 400 people to join the battle

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Recently, the game developer has published a video to introduce to players the latest images to introduce to players about the game’s space. Regime Battle Royale allowing 400 people to join the fiercest battle of life and death.

Players will be dropped into a battlefield with an area of ​​​​12 square kilometers with wild jungle, or muddy dirt roads… Besides, there will be an area according to the announced plan to be included, allows players to trade, track rankings and achievements… and other MMO activities.


Also according to the information that the developer Automa Games said that next year they will support the game, allowing 1000 people to participate in the battle, which is the largest number ever of survival shooters. According to the CEO of this company, the game is supported by the SpatialOS toolkit of multinational technology corporation Improbable. It is known that this kit can create a fictional world that can hold thousands of players.


In the face of the strong wave of survival shooters, it is understandable for such a product to support multiplayer to stand out. At the Forum, players divided into two streams of opinion, support, and concern. They fear that too many players at the same time will easily make the connection unstable, affecting the gameplay, or too many players will make the game boring. However, good or bad, players have to wait a little longer when the game is officially launched to experience.​

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