New Conan movie Zero’s Enforcer released an explosive trailer that made fans excited

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Yesterday (December 3), Movie 22 of series anime best seller Detective Conan Name ‘Zero’s Enforcer‘ (Zero’s Law Enforcement) has released the latest trailer and poster that is extremely attractive. In this trailer, key characters such as: Conan, Bourbon, Mori Kogoro, Kisaki Eri (Ran’s mother)… all appeared in turn. Can realize, Movie 22: Zero’s Enforcer will take continuous explosions as the main context of the film. Things become even more serious when Detective Mori also becomes a suspect in the explosion and is taken away by the police, which is a huge shock to Ran and her mother. In the final scenes of the trailer, the two words “Drastic” appear, it seems that this time Conan will confront the police in this brainstorming case.


A large-scale bomb explosion targeting the Tokyo Grand Hall leads to a confrontation between Conan and Amuro Tooru. Because at the crime scene, the police discovered Mori Kogoro’s fingerprints, so he became a suspect and was arrested. Conan conducts an investigation to prove his uncle’s innocence but was stopped by Amuro (Bourbon). Movie 22 promises to be filled with thrilling chase scenes not only between police and criminals, Conan with Amuro, Conan with the countdown of time bombs but also the battle between law and truth. Which one will win? After all, Amuro is Conan’s comrade or enemy? This will be answered soon in Movie 22: Zero’s Enforcer Released on April 13, 2018.

Conan Movie 22: Zero’s Enforcer This time there will be a new director – Tachikawa Yuzuru. Tachikawa Yuzuru has directed and produced many famous anime such as: Mob Psycho 100 (Superpower Boy), Death Parade (Binh Tu Duyet), Yuri!!! on ice, One-Punch Man… He will replace the position of director Shizuno Kobun, who has accompanied Conan’s previous 7 movies. Besides, the screenplay will be made by the screenwriter Movie 19 and Movie 20 – Takahiro Sakurai penned.

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