Minecraft RTX – The super-graphic version of Minecraft officially ends the test

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In a blog post by Nvidiathe company’s technology marketing representative, Mr. Andrew Burnes wrote that the blockbuster game of Mojang has been released for Windows 10 on Microsoft Store. Two new RTX-enabled worlds have come to Minecraft, bringing the total number of worlds to 15.

“Users can play all the RTX worlds and maps on Realms and servers with people using the cross-platform Minecraft Bedrock client – ​​for example, Minecraft on Nintendo Switch – Everyone can match,” said Mr. create, build, and discover together. Player Minecraft RTX will experience enhanced graphics with the special “Physical Rendering” texture pack, combined with effects ray tracing to further improve the quality of the game. However, players across platforms will usually only see standard Minecraft graphics.”

In addition, Mr. Burnes also shared that: “The official release of ray tracing and DLSS for Minecraft is the result of thousands of hours of work by dozens of engineers at Mojang, Microsoft and NVIDIA. We’re thrilled to be able to bring ray tracing in the world’s most popular game to millions of gamers. GeForce RTXand can’t wait to see the creativity of the players.”

Minecraft RTX started testing in April. This version of the game was previously shown at trade shows and as a showcase product. RTX technology by NVIDIA. NVIDIA has also supported the development of this super product for the past two years.


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