Experience of a female game reporter: When passion is despised and questioned?

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Game reporter job – now perhaps is no longer a strange concept, especially for young people. However, as a prejudice has eaten away, anything related to “games” is difficult to avoid negative thoughts from society. And so, the same way that each of us pursues our passion, but the profession game reporter always under more pressure. Especially, for a female game reporter, all those difficulties are multiplied many times over.

Perhaps, the confiding and experience of a girl who is passionate and pursues the career of making friends with the game through the words below will help more people understand and sympathize with it. The article shared on a Dota 2 group tells about how she came to be a game reporter and how she had to go through difficulties and pressures to be determined to pursue her passion to the end. .​


What do you guys think about girls pursuing a career in game journalism?

Do you guys underestimate a girl’s education and doubt a girl’s “passion” for gaming? If a girl who plays games is so stupid and makes pictures and writes articles, would you despise the things she makes?

I graduated from English translation, adding a French text. When he passed the Interpreting class, his parents and relatives were very happy, saying that his life has blossomed, because the translation degree in Hue is very valuable, the top 20 of the faculty can only enter, he also drew out of the future standing bare, 1, 2 hours in 500 dollars, sounds cool to the gut.

However, I don’t like this job, don’t care enough about the cost of tuition, I plan to work in tourism to earn money later. But I don’t know how bad luck I was in my 2nd year of University, I signed up to be a CTV for the game fanpage, and then I got the job so I’ve stayed until now, as long as I go to Saigon, I’ll be the Editor.

Before, I just managed the fanpage, after the stream happily pulled like for the page, there were also a few places to recommend to stream but I found the streamer place to be so tempting with fierce fights, I’m used to the peaceful Hue lifestyle. secretive, didn’t know tricks, so I was afraid not to accept it and stopped streaming altogether. Gradually, I also know how to make photos, run marketing, and write this and that newspaper. If there is a big prize, I go as a reporter for the company, so there are other companies that know, invite me to be a reporter, I do it too.


Then fate pushed me to become a journalist for Dota 2 when I didn’t know how to play even a little bit. In general, the story is long and up to now, the number of Dota 2 posts and posts I have made is also close to a hundred, but I’m still as stupid as a cow. I also like to develop the Dota 2 side of the company, so I am very focused on the community. And that’s why the pressure on me is so much.

I seeded a post in the group, the young people looked at their profile and said “get out of my planet, just like it for fame” (because of work, I made any page I made it public so my friends could see it). like page). I wrote the story Dota 2 share for fun, was also scrutinized and told to steal the story, steal this idea.

I went to Saigon to host the Dota 2 tournament, well, I only know how to stir the atmosphere and take pictures to write a letter of resignation, the format and the calculation is so bad that I can’t understand. So I also heard the back brake “just good at paying attention”, I solved the problem according to the law, when I got home, I saw on the group that people told me I was “a son of a bitch”.

The owner of these shares is the girl nicknamed Ha Hac Tuyet, the admin of some game pages

“I’m really passionate about the path I’ve chosen, even though I know that with the position and the work I’m doing, there are no girls to run into, at the company, I’m the only one who’s female. My family, friends, and teachers all objected to me.I was also determined to quit my job in Hue, but calculated in Saigon, it was about 8, 9 million a month to pursue the fortune that I had found. But the sayings that I receive from society are just “you are too ignorant to make games”, “three children with a little beauty are stupid”, even when young people text to get acquainted, the first sentence they always ask “do you still go to school” or “how can you go to school if you play games like this?” makes me feel so insulted and hurt. Everything I do is bombarded with the thought of “female admins only for likes”, “gaming girls must be stupid”, “have a bit of face” I’m new to being an admin, but I can’t play any games”, even though everything I do is very effective, I was even invited to be a game ambassador and MC for Gamers Day. give BTC to be up as color.

I’m really tired guys, I don’t know if the path I chose is right and how long I can follow it.”


Perhaps the above stories have spoken for the hearts of many brothers and sisters in the profession, especially the female game reporter our. The most characteristic of the game writing profession is that only those who really have a “desire” for the game and the profession have enough perseverance to pursue it to the end. The writer temporarily calls it “lust”, “because if I use the word “like” or even “love”, I will still feel it is superficial compared to its true emotional range.​

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