My Time At Portia – New game that makes the whole online world “addicted”

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Developed by an old indie game company in China called Pathea Games, the game has officially opened the Early Access version on Steam for players to experience early. Currently the game receives a lot of positive reviews.


My Time At Portia is an open world RPG game, taking you to the perspective of a post-apocalyptic world, civilization begins to recover and you will accompany other players on a journey to find the lost civilization. The scene takes place in a small town thanks to the help of the handbook you inherit to create different tools from which to use in item crafting, mining, farming, players play. as a shop owner, through making the aforementioned tool to sell to the people in the town…


The developer blows into the game with the design of the game like real life where, each person in the town will have their own personality, everyone goes to school, work… Not only that, each person is different. There are stories, secrets waiting for you to discover. You should create a relationship with the townspeople or understandably other players, because they will help you a lot and it’s not over yet, if you no longer believe in love in this life, don’t worry, The game is a place to help you find your love, in addition to being able to get married, a strange feature that is familiar with the Chinese role-playing game genre.


In the short term, the game is sold for a new price of about 188,000 VND and this is just a version for players to experience soon, the game is still being updated continuously and the official version will be released in October. this. If you are still hesitant about the game, you can download the Demo version to test. The game is also planned to be available on Xbox one, PS4 and Switch platforms.​

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