Hiep Kha: Giang Ho was shocked because the lost martial arts secret of God Vo Vuong appeared for the first time!

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In the past few days, information about Than Vo Vuong – the comrades The legendary mystery famous throughout the Gypsy is widely shared throughout the Club, showing the significant influence of this auxiliary on the master’s fighting ability. Easy to see in the decisive battle in the Blood Doc Kiep sub-version, Than Vo Vuong not only shows a series of famous martial arts secrets, but also shows the ability to coordinate flexibly, rhythmically, attack on defense. extremely flexible.

Some of the famous skills of this legendary knight can be mentioned such as: Chan Fen Ha – with the ability to deal 8 pieces of damage to enemies within 8m and increase his own fatal elements or skills. Absolute Tiger Tieu directly attacks all enemies within a range of up to 10m, clearing all enemy statuses, increasing damage reduction by 50%, and converting 55% of mana into damage. Not only that, Than Vo Vuong also possesses two mind dharmas with infinite destructive ability, including Chan Tam Lang, which scares thousands of people.

It is known that this martial arts master who is being eagerly awaited by the gaming community will officially appear in Hiep Kha version 4.1, which is expected to be released right after the Lunar New Year. Of course, in addition to the “main character” Than Vo Vuong, the update will also bring a lot of extremely attractive new features, in addition to a completely new equipment system, items and especially a completely new set of pets. lovely.

Although not officially released, but with Than Vo Vuong “bombarding” all over the Blood Doc Kiep sub version and a series of super “cool” new equipment images, the gaming community is eager to enjoy this extremely interesting update. . Let’s look forward to Hiep Kha version 4.1!

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