South Korea arrests 13 Hack Game suspects

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Blizzard does not intend to go easy on cheating in the game, especially in a country where cheating in the game can constitute a crime like Korea. In a recent incident, the national policy agency located in Seoul detained 13 gamers for alleged hacking and match-fixing Overwatch.


According to information on the official Blizzard forum in Korea, the developer has asked the cyber security department of the Seoul police agency to investigate illegal activities in the black market, including hacking and result settlement. The investigation lasted 1 year from January 2017 to December 2017. As a result, 13 suspects were sent to the prosecutor’s office on charges of violating laws protecting the gaming industry, information technology and communication.


According to Korean law, violations in the game can result in fines of up to 2 years in prison and $18,000. The scope of the law covers many acts such as hacking, setting up pirated servers, or affecting gameplay. This is not the first time a gamer has been penalized for cheating in Overwatchearlier in April 2017 a Korean teenager was arrested for selling aimbot for $100,000.

Although conviction and imprisonment seem to be too heavy a hand for game fraud, the Korean government believes it is necessary to protect the integrity of the industry, especially when it comes to gaming. eSports are booming. Using cheat tools in the game is like using doping in sports.​

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