New mode of best game of the year Super Mario Odyssey ruined by bug

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New mode of Super Mario Odyssey with the name Luigi’s Balloon World when it was released, it received a lot of response from the community. This is a game mode similar to “hide and seek”, where each player will own a balloon. Their mission is to hide them in the middle of the world of Mario Odyssey, while others search. If you find the opponent’s ball, while your own ball is still safe, you will receive a certain amount of coins. If you win consecutively in many games, then the amount of coins will be multiplied many times.


All in all, this is an extremely interesting game mode, where players not only have to find a way to hide their ball, but also need to guess where the opponent will hide the ball. Traveling between worlds just to find a ball, it’s not an easy journey, but that’s what makes the game interesting. Because, the harder the process, the sweeter the success. The joy of finding the opponent’s balls is obviously multiplied, when you find the secret location where they are hidden.


However, that joy has now turned into a huge disappointment, as many players are taking advantage of a bug in Super Mario Odyssey to “walk through the wall”, and put their own ball inside. there. Obviously, normal players wouldn’t be able to touch that ball, even if they were standing just a few feet away from it. The joy turned into anger, and the new mode of Maro Odyssey immediately received a lot of criticism from the community.

Players who are calmer are waiting for a move from Nintendo. Many of them were determined to stay away from Luigi’s Balloon World until the Japanese game company had a new update to fix this “through the wall” bug. However, some others are worried, as the fix will directly affect speedrunners, who play with the goal of completing the game as quickly as possible. In fact, this error through the wall has existed for a long time, and is implicitly accepted as “tricks” to speed up “passing”. Before this worry, many people suggested that the bug should be fixed in the style of “not allowing players to put the ball in the wall”, rather than deleting it completely.

Nintendo has yet to announce how they will handle the situation, and fans of Luigi’s Balloon World will have to wait until the issue is resolved.​

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