Valorant: Chamber’s skill set details

Chamber is an extremely powerful agent new introduced in the Valorant 3.10 update. The following article will help you learn about the set of moves of this elegant Chamber guy.


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Valorant: Chamber’s skill set details

Chamber is a weapons expert from France. With an elegant and polished appearance, Chamber equips himself with the most advanced weapons to defeat and destroy enemies. He has the ability to teleport, set traps, and finish off enemies from afar with his life-saving gun.

Q – Headhunter

Chamber equips a heavy pistol, has great damage and can open the reticle like some rifles.


E – Meeting point

Chamber places 2 teleport stations, if within the operating range of the station, Chamber can activate to teleport to the other station. The player can pick up the teleport station and put it back in another location.

rendezvous point

C – Brand

Chamber sets traps to detect enemies. When an enemy enters the trap’s range, it activates after a period of time and slows all enemies in the area of ​​effect.

C - Brand

X – Tour de force

When activated, Chamber will summon an extremely heavy sniper rifle. It will finish off enemies with just 1 hit anywhere, and also leave a slow zone after the enemy dies.

Above is Chamber’s skill set. Wish you many victories with this new agent!

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