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Game AOE (Age of Empires) is a real-time strategy game that many gamers love, although it’s been born a long time ago but still no less attractive. Anyone who plays AOE games understand the importance of keyboard shortcuts in Empire, it helps to shorten the operation time so that they can be born early.

Game Empire has a lot of keyboard shortcuts supported, so will summarize the shortcut keys in the Empire in detail for your convenience to refer and apply effectively. Please refer to the following article:

Menu Keys in AOE

  • F1: See the instructions.
  • F3: Pause playing game.
  • F4: Show player name, card color and leaderboard.
  • F5: Hide existing resources.
  • F10: Go to Main Menu.
  • F11: Displays the number of pieces currently available on the maximum number of pieces at the current time.

Shortcuts to building military houses in AOE

1. Early life: Stone Age – Stone Age

Select people to press B, then press the letters representing each house:

  • BEIGE: Housing for people and military (4 people for 1 house).
  • BS: The house gets wood, gold, stone, deer hunting, elephant fishing.
  • BG: Home get real fruit.
  • BB: Military – This is the condition for life 2.
  • BT: Watchtower.

Conditions for life 2:

  • There are 500 real.
  • Built houses BS, BB, BG.

2. Life 2: Tool Age – The tool era

  • BM: Market houses are very important to upgrade exploitation of resources.
  • BF: Field for real purposes (75 timber) and only available when there is a BM house.
  • FATHER: Providers include: Bow ceiling, bow A, bow C, bow horse, bow elephant.
  • BL: The stables include: Horses on the way, guillotines, mounds, elephants.
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Conditions for life 3:

  • There are 800 real.
  • Built houses BM and BA or BL.

3. Life 3: Bronze Age – Bronze Age

  • BN: The main house, also known as the center house, if there are many houses, the farmers will be born faster.
  • BC: Government house is the condition to build more BN main houses.
  • BK: Artillery includes: Dwarf cannon (crossbow), big cannon (rock shot).
  • BY: Oblique striped house.
  • BP: Witch house is a must to upgrade if fighting Choson, BB.

Conditions for life 4:

  • There should be 1000 reals.
  • 800 gold.
  • Built houses BS, BB, BG, BM, BA or BL.

4. Life 4: Iron Age – Iron Age

To build many military houses at once: After selecting the people, press the key B, select the shortcut for the house you want to build as above. Then hold on Ctrl Click the mouse depending on the amount of wood available and the purpose to make it reasonable.

When asking for troops to apply in all the houses that have been built, then press Ctrl + letters representing each house.

Shortcuts to ask for troops in AOE

  • Spacebar: View and select units.
  • Ctrl + H (or H): Select and view main house.
  • Ctrl + B: Select and view the army house (BB).
  • Ctrl + D: Selection and view of boat houses (BD).
  • Ctrl + A: Select and see the horse house R, bow A (BA).
  • Ctrl + K: Select and see artillery (BK).
  • Ctrl + L: Select and see horse houses guillotine (BL).
  • Ctrl + P: Select and see witch house (BP).
  • Ctrl + Y: Select and see soldier skewers (BY).
  • Key “+”: Speed ​​up game play.
  • Key “-“: Reduce game speed.
  • Delete: Elimination of military unit or home.
  • Esc: Cancel selection.
  • Enter: Instant messaging.
  • Arrow Keys: Move to watch game.
  • Reveal map: Show light map.
  • Ctrl + word (1-9): Number of armies.
  • From (1-9) + Space (ALT + 1-9): Select and move to the established religion.
  • Shift + word (1-9): Choose a religion has established.
  • Tab: Convert one by one of the selected direction.
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Using these shortcuts effectively will save you time and move quickly to the locations you want to select. For new players, it will be difficult to remember, but if you play for a long time, you will remember them all and act quickly.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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