Must-know tips for Minecraft beginners

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For those who are just starting out to experience the game Minecraft, the lack of guidance while playing can create certain difficulties. Therefore, the following article will be shared experience playing Minecraft Pocket Edition helps you to create your own world quicker and easier.

Great tips for Minecraft beginners

The world in Minecraft is very simple but very large, made up of different square blocks. You will start your world by building, gathering resources, digging holes, raising animals, planting trees, and avoiding monsters at night. You can unleash your creativity without being constrained.

1. Creative mode and Survival mode

Creative mode and survival mode

Minecraft Pocket Edition has two main game modes that are Creative (Creative and Survival (Survive). Regime Creative gives you endless resources and moreover you will not have to confront any monsters or mob. This mode is mainly for players to create and build great works.

In the mode SurvivalYou will start with “empty hands”. You will harvest the ingredients to create the simplest things like tools, desks … and at night you will fight monsters, hideous mobs. If you’re a challenge, this mode is all you want.

2. Seeds and usage

Seeds and how to use them

In addition to having to name your first world at the start of the game, you’ll see a section called “Seed”, a lot of players wondering about it. Minecraft offers seed packages that you can download under their respective codes. Depending on which seed bags you load, it could be lava or ice …

3. Gathering wood

Start with felling

The first thing you want to do in Survival mode is to harvest wood by going nearby and punching (punch) it. After the tree has been cut down, you will collect the fallen logs. Make sure you have harvested as much wood as you can as the character in the Mine can get quite high.

4. Crafting tools and worktable

Crafting tools

After you have harvested a few trees, go in Craft and start making one Craft Table (Desk). There are many tools that you would not have built without it unless you only need a single tool and it can be used over and over again. To create a Craft Table, you create some planks first and then options will appear for you to make.

Once you have a desk, start making some tools like the wooden ax, use it to break the stone. Then go back to Craft Table and craft some stone tools. You need these to harvest other important resources such as coal, minerals …

5. Coal mining

Find coal

Charcoal is one of the ingredients that you need to extract as soon as possible. You will need a pickaxe to break rocks and get coal. To find coal, dig down at least 5 blocks with a pickaxe and dig deep into the ground. This will help you find coal fastest.

6. Find accommodation at night

Find accommodation at night

The monsters and mob will be out at night and you need to be prepared for that. If you don’t have enough time to build a house that can protect you on the first day, dig a cave to hide in it. Light also helps keep the monsters away, so prepare torches, put some in the cave aisle and the monsters won’t dare to come close.

7. Be careful when digging

Be careful when burrowing

For those new to Minecraft, the mistake they most often make is burrowing. Instead of gradually digging into a downward passage, the habit of digging straight, forming a deep hole will make you trouble yourself. Especially when you don’t have a torch in hand and don’t have any sticks to burn, prepare yourself for at least a few. You will move more easily in the dark and especially in tight spaces.

8. Build a solid house

Build a house

Once you’ve harvested a lot of ingredients, move out of the cave and start building a real home. First, you need to log and turn them into boards with Craft Table and using stones and ores as construction materials. The best way to learn about materials and how to build houses is by playing in the mode Creative a time. That way, you can explore the whole range of materials.

9. Peaceful mode

Reduce monsters with Peaceful mode

If you don’t want to be bothered by mobs and monsters at night but still want to challenge yourself with the mode SurvivalYou can easily alleviate enemies by going to the settings, moving the hard mode indicator bar (Difficulty) to the left. This turns on Peaceful mode and removes mobs and monsters.

10. Reusing widgets, tools

Reuse tools

Some items are reusable so don’t leave them behind when you move. You can certainly reuse the desk so you don’t have to build more when needed. To break the desk and remodel it in another location, you just need to “punch” until it breaks, then collect the materials again.

11. Place the torch on the crafting table

Put the torch on the table in Minecraft

This tip is more of an image than reality. However, it is possible to place a torch above the crafting table or furnace. To do this, place a transparent block (eg glass block) behind the crafting table. Now while standing in front of this table, try to stretch and put a torch on top of that glass. Finally, you have a torch that shines on the table.

12. Place blocks next to the torch

Place blocks next to torches in Minecraft

It sounds ridiculous but everything is possible in Minecraft open world game. You can break all the laws of physics here. You just need to arrange any square blocks next to the torch. From here, you can build some of your favorite creations.

13. Stack the signs

Stacking signs in Minecraft

You can do this to create an image of a really large sign, consisting of many other small parts. It’s perfect for when you have long notices to write or something like that.

Use this tip best when doing an adventure map. You can stack signals, forming a wall of detailed instructional content about this adventure.

14. Fireproof wood panels

Set of fireproof wooden boards when designing Minecraft

We often do not want to put too much wood around the house, especially when there is a certain fire object. Just one spark was enough to cause a major fire. There’s nothing worse than seeing the work you’ve worked hard to dissolve to ashes? That is why you should use wooden boards instead. They are fire resistant. Hence, this is the safest way to include wood in your building blueprints.

15. Lava Bucket is an excellent fuel source

Use sips as building materials in Minecraft

If you find lava somewhere, mark this spot. As soon as you have a few buckets in hand, go there & collect as much lava as you can. This is an excellent fuel source for kilns. It helps to prolong the training time as desired. Lava is also one of the rare mineral block materials. With such amazing benefits, don’t be fooled to ignore the lava. Try to get as many buckets of lava as possible if you want to become a talented adventurer.

16. Best diamond level

Mining for diamonds in Minecraft

Diamonds have the Y coordinate of 11. You can check your own by pressing F3. The Y coordinate shows the distance you’ve tapped. You can find diamonds somewhere after hitting Y-16, but 11 is the best.

You won’t want to dig further than this, because your chances of hitting the lava are higher. You won’t have a chance to find diamond ores if they sink in the sizzling “sea” of lava.

17. Use a torch to plow sand / gravel blocks

Use a torch on a sand block while playing Minecraft

The torch is possibly one of the most versatile widgets in Minecraft. They can illuminate dark areas, keeping monsters away …. However, they also have a number of other useful abilities.

As you know, Sand (sand) and Gravel (gravel) blocks are affected by gravity. So, if you remove the blocks below, they will fall over. At the moment before these blocks fall, you can place a torch. This action can cause all of the blocks to break. After that, you can easily collect them.

18. Door to block zombies

Door to block zombies in Minecraft

The undead can break the door to invade your precious home. Luckily, you have several ways to prevent that from happening. The simple option here is to build a door on a high block that can’t be reached by zombies. Or you can use a fence. They cannot break the fence. In addition, this also allows you to counterattack without danger.

19. Mushroom Biome is safe

The safest place in Minecraft

The Mushroom Biome is the only biome where hostile mobs do not appear at night. This makes it the safest place in Minecraft and the best home builder. There are also no mobs in the cave system, so the mining will be safer.

However, be careful because mob Spawner still works here. If you see a zombie or a spider, you’ll know there’s a Spawner nearby. Overall, the Mushroom Biome is a good place to build a base.

20. Pumpkin head

Put on a pumpkin mask in Minecraft

Putting pumpkins on your head is not only a way to make you more interesting, but also helps you fight against strong enemies. If you wear a pumpkin mask, Endermen will not attack you, even if you do. This is because Endermen only attacks those who make eye contact with them.

21. Possesses a few guards

Housekeeper in Minecraft

Increasing protection for your home is not a bad idea. You have two options. The first is Iron Golem. You summon it by shaping the object as shown in the image. They are very strong and quite durable.

Another guard might be Snow Golem. Stack two blocks of snow and place the pumpkin’s head on top to summon it. However, this guard needs to be in a suitable environment (like ice), otherwise it will melt.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Not a game with very beautiful graphic design but still attracts players by the completely different gameplay, which does not limit their creativity. Above are some tips to know when playing Minecraft Pocket Edition to help you build your world faster and more efficiently.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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