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User ID in the game Coin Master is required when there are complaints to the publisher. Unlike action, strategy, etc. titles, this builder game depends a lot on the lucky spin and related factors like friends list, etc. That is also the cause of the wrong number of points, rewards, etc. Below will guide you how to view the user ID in the game Coin Master.

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How to view Coin Master game user ID

Step 1:

Open the Facebook app and log in with the Facebook account you used to log into the game Coin Master.

Step 2:

At the main interface of Facebook, click on process three dashSettings and privacy then choose Setting.

Step 3:

Window Setting appears, select the item Application and websiteSigned in with FacebookEdit.

Step 4:

Next at the window Signed in with Facebook please press the button Edit in the game section Coin Master.

Next window Coin Master details you scroll down to see the section Your user ID.

There will be a sequence of numbers, if you use it, you just need to copy the number to use to claim, receive rewards as well as gifts from friends when playing Coin Master.

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