Summary of rules of Survival game play

Rules Of Survival is a survival shooter, with gameplay similar to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), but completely free, playable on both computers and phones. Rules Of Survival lets you join a 120-player battle and become the ultimate survivor.

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Similar to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, League of Legends, Rules Of Survival also has its own shortcut system for players to control and manipulate in the game much faster. We invite you to follow the following article of

Rules Of Survival

Summary of game control shortcuts Rules Of Survival

  • W: Moving forward.
  • S: Back.
  • A: Move left.
  • D: Move right.
  • Z: Lying shot.
  • C: Sitting shot.
  • Ctrl: Walk slowly.
  • Space: Dance.
  • Alt: Look around.
  • V: Change between 1st person view and 3rd person perspective.
  • G: Next weapon.
  • Tab: Open the inventory.
  • Shift: Run fast.
  • B: Change gun function.
  • 1,2,3: Change weapons.
  • 5: Grenade shortcut, switch between different grenades.
  • Enter: Chat.
  • Ctrl + T: Enable / Disable Voice Chat in game.
  • T: Turn off the Microphone.
  • +: Automatically run.
  • M: Turn on / off big map.
  • E: Close / Open the door.
  • R: Load.
  • F: Pick up things, open doors, get in the car.
  • X: Get rid of the weapon while walking and run faster.
  • Left mouse: To shoot, to hit hands.
  • Right mouse: Hold for a long time to aim close, click once to aim further.
  • Right click once: Take a look at the first person.
  • Hold right mouse button: See more precisely in the 3rd perspective.
  • Esc: Edit parameters such as sound, graphics, mouse movement.
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With the above shortcuts will help you play the game Rules Of Survival more effectively, saving significantly in the process of playing. If you have difficulty in the download and installation process, please refer to the article:

Instructions to install and play the game Rules Of Survival on PC

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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